Andrea has been addicted to crocheting beads for almost 8 years. She finds the traditional technique, relaxing and meditative, and loves to explore with a variety of bead materials, combinations, colors, styles and patterns. She has adorned a traditional art form with her contemporary styling.

Andrea gladly turned her out of control hobby into a full time business about four years ago. Throughout her life, finding an expressive outlet in various arts and crafts, she considered a career in art (until the financial reality set in) while taking art classes at the Museum School in college. Now a recovering employment lawyer, she particularly loves making this jewelry, taking the technique to new undiscovered levels. She now features an extensive ever changing collection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings comprised of glass, crystal, pearl, semi precious stone and precious metals. This is however a classic case of "a hobby gone amok." Andrea decided to give in to the demand to sell her work, her first major sale being at Charlestown's Art in the Park in September 2003. (Art In The Park '05 resulted in a second place All Show award) Despite considerable interest from stores, Andrea prefers to keep the collection together and sell it herself, at juried craft shows and other venues. Andrea has now developed a nation-wide customer base, and has been invited to show her work at many private and public shows not only in the greater Boston area, but throughout New England and beyond.

Andrea especially likes shopping for beads around the world! She recently visited China, where she had a blast selecting special pearls and finials for the ends of her necklaces, and traveled through Southeast Asia in the spring of 2004, once again scouting out materials to make her jewelry extra special.

Andrea, who is very happy to be making jewelry and not practicing law, lives with her family and cat in historic Charlestown, MA.

Studio - 450 Harrison Avenue Suite #217 - Open for special events and by appointment